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    • Sentry Pro is available for $2.90/month on an annual plan, which is equivalent to the cost of electricity for running Sentry Mode for just one day. There is absolutely no excuse not to use Sentry Pro if you’re already utilizing Sentry Mode and appreciate the peace of mind it offers.

      Sentry Pro is highly secure and places a strong emphasis on user privacy for several reasons:

      Direct Authentication with Tesla: Sentry Pro users authenticate directly with Tesla, ensuring that the app itself never accesses or stores your Tesla account login credentials. This means your password and any sensitive account information remain private and are not handled by the app.

      No Personal Data Collection: The app is designed to operate without collecting personal data such as names, emails, passwords, or phone numbers. Your interaction with Sentry Pro is kept anonymous, significantly reducing the risk of personal data exposure.

      Privacy-First Approach: Sentry Pro’s development and operational framework prioritize user privacy. The app safeguards your information by not collecting or storing data beyond what is necessary to provide its services, adhering to a principle of minimal data usage.

      Officially Licensed Developer: As an officially licensed Tesla application developer, Sentry Pro and its developer company, Sentry Brain S.M.P.C., meet the security and privacy standards set by Tesla. This official recognition ensures that the app adheres to practices that protect user data and maintain application integrity.

      Encrypted Notifications: Notifications sent to your device are processed in a manner that ensures they are secure and private.

      In conclusion, Sentry Pro’s architecture and operational protocols are meticulously crafted to ensure that your use of the app is secure and your data remains private. With direct authentication, minimal data collection, and a privacy-first approach, Sentry Pro stands out as a secure option for Tesla owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s security through comprehensive Sentry Mode notifications.

      When you already have a subscription you need to tap on:

      “Restore purchases”

      at the bottom of the subscriptions screen. Tapping on “Subscribe” will result in a error as you already have a subscription!

      This is an indication confirming that the app is functioning correctly, and you will receive notifications when Sentry Mode is activated in your car.

      The Tesla app automatically activates Sentry Mode to access the video feed, prompting the system to notify you of this activation, even if no external event has triggered it.

      If you would like to verify whether you will receive notifications when someone walks by your car, you can test this by approaching the car until Sentry Mode is activated. Ensure you do not have your phone with you, as its presence will prevent Sentry Mode from activating, recognizing that you are not a threat. Alternatively, you can have someone else trigger the activation.

      Sentry Pro enhances the functionality of Tesla’s Sentry Mode by managing all monitoring from the server side, eliminating the need to keep the app running in the background on your device. The system receives Sentry events directly from Tesla and sends notifications to you. This allows for efficient communication and timely alerts about your vehicle’s status without draining your mobile device’s resources.

      To avoid overwhelming users with notifications, Sentry Pro has a conservative notification strategy. If Sentry Mode is activated consecutively without a 15-second pause between activations, Sentry Pro will treat this as a single continuous event and will not send multiple notifications. This approach helps keep the number of notifications manageable while ensuring you’re informed of significant events. We are considering adding a sensitivity setting to allow users to receive notifications for every Sentry Mode activation, though we aim to maintain simplicity to avoid confusing users.

      If your Tesla is parked in a location like an underground parking lot where mobile coverage is low, Sentry Pro might not be able to communicate with your car. In such cases, if the server cannot establish communication with the vehicle for over two minutes, Sentry Pro will notify you of the service disruption. This feature ensures you’re aware of potential monitoring interruptions due to connectivity issues.

      When the Tesla app automatically triggers Sentry Mode to access the video feed, Sentry Pro will notify you of this activation even if no external event has initiated it. Currently, there is no way for Sentry Pro to differentiate between automatic and event-driven activations of Sentry Mode. This notification acts as a confirmation that Sentry Pro is operational and monitoring your vehicle, providing an extra layer of reassurance about your vehicle’s security status.

      If you appreciate the benefits of Sentry Mode, Sentry Pro could be highly valuable, especially considering it is priced as a fraction of the cost of the power Sentry Mode consumes. While we acknowledge our bias, we believe Sentry Pro offers significant enhancements by providing streamlined notifications and added functionality.

      At present, Sentry Pro does not support simultaneous operation on multiple devices. Attempting to do so may result in notifications being received on only one of the two devices, or not at all. It is therefore not recommended.

      However, we are actively working on implementing support for multiple devices in a future update.